Spread the Verba

Verba... Sounds kind of familiar right?

Well after many weeks of banging my head against the wall to think of something short, sweet and different to name my blog that's what I came up with.

Verba is the Latin word for word. So friggin simple, to the point... and even kind of cute? And, if you say Verba with a Spanish accent it sounds even better.

Accents aside, the Verba Blog is about the art of words- the social, visual, spoken and of course written word. So anything goes! I'll be writing about sports (my bread and butter) but also about lifestyle, fitness, fashion (loooove athleisure), food (LOOOVE food even more) and anything that just makes life better or easier from sleep apps to charcoal toothpaste. Just imagine that one... 

Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy what the art of words has to offer. Now that you know what Verba is, spread the verba!